Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Witch Doctor - 2009
Photography: Lizette Bell
Artwork: Trimäpee
Mario-Luca Carlucci & Peter Strateas
LED light source + Slow Exposure Photography

Witch Doctor - 2009
Neon Light Wall Installation

This artwork is made up of two stages; One – the actual process of creating the work; and Two – the final output.

Stage one of the “Witch Doctor” was created using an LED-light source and slow exposure photography. Known as light painting, Carlucci and Strateas dubbed this process “Ghost Drawing”. Intrigued by this random process, the designers created a series of random ghost drawings inspired by the idea of the “Witch doctor”.

The artwork shows a ghostly spirit form repelling from the witch doctor himself. A man who rids evil created by the wickedness of witchcraft. Inspired by a man torn between two worlds, Trimäpee translates this story into a modern day tale; where one’s evil is one’s temptress. The irony of practicing what one preaches. Today we are torn by a world who lives by massive contradictions. From war to love – we are faced with these dilemmas daily.

“Witch Doctor” is an attempt to examine the psyches of today’s individuals. In a society where good and evil are too close to categorise, “Witch Doctor” is a visual representation posing the question; is the evil spirit fleeing or entering. Are we in our self the root of all our evil, or can it be cast by a greater source. “Witch Doctor” empathises with the taken, but questions the cause.

The artwork is on display at
Trimäpee - The Cubical Confessions QV
30-32 Jane Bell Lane QV (Enter Via Russell St)